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Consider a grain of sand. It’s so small you can hardly see it. It’s useless, and not even pretty. It’s totally inconsequential. But put a bunch of these inconsequential things together and you get a sand castle, a sandbox, a beach, or maybe a mountain.

In the same way, you and I, as individuals, are politically inconsequential. As individuals, our votes mean nothing. Individual letters to our elected leaders mean nothing. But each of us is a member of a group that, though not formally organized, holds certain beliefs, certain political opinions. You may not know many members of your group. But there are many, many others in your group, and if you all vote, if you all write your elected leaders, things will get done.

For example, President Bush lost his battle to privatize Social Security because a lot of people told their senators and representatives they didn’t want it. President Obama and a whole raft of Democrats got elected—some by landslides, one by a couple of hundred votes—because a lot of people voted, and by voting changed the political complexion of the national government. More recently the F-22 got dropped from the Federal Budget—because people wrote their elected representatives, and won their battle.

Politicians listen, or they lose their jobs, and they know it. They may get huge amounts of money from corporations and other groups whose interests are selfish and different from ours, but these well-funded outfits do not vote. They make huge contributions and they wield a lot of influence, but in the end they can’t vote. You and I can vote. You and I and the great unorganized masses are the ones who elect—or throw out—our leadership.

Participate. Express your opinion.


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