A letter to The Editor of The Robesonian

August 28, 2009 at 1:45 pm | Posted in Congress, Healthcare, Politics | Leave a comment
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It seems that Congressman McIntyre opposes the Healthcare Reform bill.

But when he claims the bill provides benefits to illegal aliens he is either misinformed or misrepresenting the facts: the bill explicitly prohibits illegal aliens from getting Federal dollars for health care.

When Mr. McIntyre puts the cost of the bill at $1.6 trillion and claims it will put the country in debt he is, again, either misinformed or misrepresenting the facts: the Congressional Budget Office says that cost savings, coupled with the revenue package in the bill (which affects only families with incomes of more than $350,000) will fully finance the $1.042 trillion cost.

According to The Robesonian Mr. McIntyre suggested that any bill reforming the healthcare system should allow people to choose their own doctors, allow people to keep or change their insurance plan without being penalized for preexisting conditions, avoid penalizing or putting more mandates on small business, and avoid bankrupting the system with economic irresponsibility.

Doesn’t Mr. McIntyre know that the bill already does these things? It provides for an individual’s right to choose a doctor. It provides for wider insurance networks, thus making more doctors available to choose from. It provides that individuals may keep their plans or choose another, and requires insurance companies to provide coverage regardless of preexisting conditions.

Small businesses? Isn’t Mr. McIntyre aware that 76% of all businesses, the smallest, are exempt from the employer responsibility requirements?

Mr. McIntyre says he is concerned that Medicare reimbursements be “proper,” and set to attract doctors to rural areas. The bill does exactly that, eliminating a planned 21% cut in physician fees planned for next year, and increasing reimbursement for primary care services. In addition, it extends protections for rural providers—already in the law—to ensure continuing access to healthcare in rural areas like ours.

Mr. McIntyre says he is worried about the bill cutting benefits to seniors. But it has provisions that extend and improve benefits to seniors, like the eventual elimination of the “doughnut hole” that traps seniors into increased payments for medication, improve the Medicare low-income subsidy plans, and enhance nursing home transparency and accountability.

Mr. McIntyre, everything you say you want in the bill is already there! And despite what you say, the bill explicitly prohibits illegals from getting coverage! Are you trying to scare us, are you misinformed, or are you simply ignorant?

Mr. McIntyre, you say we’re going too fast with healthcare reform, that members of congress ought to have more time to read the bill. Where were you during the five-hour congressional briefing session where the bill was fully discussed?

We’re not going too fast. We’re going too slow. Mr. McIntyre, the voters of this district recognize the urgent need for healthcare reform. We want you to go back to Washington and get the job done!

—Barney Bornn, Lumberton


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