The Last Hurrah?

August 14, 2012 at 4:32 pm | Posted in Politics | Leave a comment

Note: Health issues, resulting in low energy levels, have prevented me from posting for quite a while now, and it doesn’t look as though the problem is going to go away. It’s not the writing, it’s the research. I have always tried to be factually accurate, even though my conclusions are decidedly opinionated. The following piece, however, is unmitigated opinion, based on observation not research. I hope you’ll read it anyway and enjoy it, even if you violently disagree.

Until Saturday, the Romney campaign was what one observer called “squishy.” It was an amorphous glob of rhetoric, with little substance, and even less detail; a glob that changed constantly, depending on the audience of the moment.

Then, with the picking of Paul Ryan to be Romney’s running mate, the glob extruded a pin with a very sharp point. The Ryan budget plan offends me, but at least it has substance and detail. We all know that Paul Ryan wants to throw the people in the bottom three-quarters of the economy under the bus, and throw the other quarter a bonus they neither deserve nor need. (Give me a break on the numbers here: I’m not sure whether it’s two thirds, three quarters, ninety percent, or what. You get the point.)

The media has relentlessly discussed the choice, the Ryan budget, and the politics involved. Romney rather plaintively said that he has a budget plan too, but few people listened. After all, as House Speaker Boehner observed, nobody loves Romney: those who vote for him will do so because they don’t like President Obama.

Perhaps the conservatives will love Mr. Ryan. His budget plan certainly generates strong feelings, although I’m not sure what else he has accomplished. But Ryan stood up on his hind legs and actually said something!

It kind of makes me wonder just exactly who is the leader on this ticket? It makes me think about Bush/Cheney. If we’re dumb enough to elect Ryan/Romney are we going to wind up with Vice running the show?

Think about it.


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