About The Curmudgeon`

“Who is this guy?” asked a friend of a friend.  The short answer is that The Curmudgeon is a writer. His father was a magazine editor, his mother was a book reviewer, and both were ruthless critics of The Curmudgeon’s early efforts.  They instilled a love of the English language, and a curmudgeonly intolerance of those who abuse it.  Through the magic of genetics they gave him the need to write.  Before he started getting paid for writing, more than 45 years ago, he was writing essays, letters, articles, memos, and even some indescribably awful short stories.

The Curmudgeon started writing professionally in the early 60s, when IBM yanked him out of a promising career as a programmer and made him a technical writer.  His years with IBM included stints writing software manuals, movies, videotapes, slide shows and stories for employee newspapers.  He edited two employee newspapers, produced film and video, and managed writing groups and “outside” vendors.  He retired after many years with IBM and started a freelance business writing technical video, newsletters, classroom courses, marketing materials, and even restaurant menus.

Ten years later The Curmudgeon closed the business to spend a year in Europe with his math professor wife, writing letters to friends at home to chronicle their adventures.  Now the Curmudgeon lives in North Carolina with his wife Mary, a rescue dog named Lady, and two cats (one thinks she’s a dog; the other is a compleat curmudgeon).  The Incompleat Curmudgeon is now “fully retired,” meaning he’s works harder ever, but doesn’t get paid for it any more.  He spends his time writing email, and researching and writing blog stories.


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